Design-led Travel Content for Sovereign Earns High Quality Backlinks



Travelopia is the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands, including Sovereign, Citalia, Hayes & Jarvis and AusTravel.

Key Points

Design-led Content Earns 20 Follow Links

Average DR of 45

Coverage from Lonely Planet, Esquire, House Beautiful and Prima


Travel content can often be unsuccessful in terms of link building because it is too product-led. The challenge was to create a campaign that made Sovereign’s destinations look appealing without the content looking advertorial.

We researched and designed in-house a campaign that took iconic imagery from locations around the world to create a ‘colourscape’ for each country.



The result was a beautiful, design-led campaign that is now heralded by the content marketing industry.


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The piece was covered by high-profile news sites including Lonely Planet, Esquire, House Beautiful and Prima, which help to raise Sovereign’s profile as industry-leading within their field.

It was also shared on social channels over 1100 times, due to its incredible aesthetic.

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