Campaign on The European Countries With the Most Business Potential Earns 95+ Links



A new website in the comparison market, provides price ranges on business products such as office equipment. As the site was starting from scratch, they needed to begin building SEO presence and brand awareness through link-building.

Key Points

101 Pieces of Coverage Earned

Average DR of 35

Follow Links from Entrepreneur and Regus


Business is more than just financial figures. In our recent campaign for SmallBusinessPrices, we wanted to explore how factors like education levels, workforce happiness and business density contribute to a thriving business economy with plenty of potential.

In our experience, B2B content works best when it is driven by a high level of good-authority data, which is why we compiled our own unique data set for this campaign, using metrics that are not usually combined. This enabled us to create a unique story for the press, as well as several angles to appeal to different journalists. Because we used multiple countries, we were able to outreach globally, and earn links from all over the world.

In addition, whilst there was an obvious business and financial angle, the extra element of happiness vs salary added a human perspective. For example, whilst Finland’s average monthly salary was comparitively low, they ranked highly on the happiness index, which is a story in itself.


Overall, the campaign achieved unprecedented success in terms of link-building, as against a KPI of 7 the piece achieved over 90 links and over 100 pieces of coverage.

Some of the sites that covered the campaign included Entrepreneur, Regus and The World News.

The success of the campaign also lay in its global outreach potential, picking up links in countries like France, Russia and The Netherlands.

The average DR of all 101 pieces of coverage was 35, which is extremely high considering the volume of backlinks and mentions.

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