Link-Building Campaigns for Merchant Machine earn 70+ Pieces of Coverage in 10 Weeks

Merchant Machine


Merchant Machine is a B2B comparison site which provides users with information on the different options available in terms of Point-of-Sale devices.

Key Points

Kaizen’s work with Merchant Machine has produced two projects, each with a KPI of 7 follow links. These projects, Going Cashless and The Rise of Mobile Wallets, both used specifically on-brand topics in order to secure business and finance coverage in prominent industry publications, like Yahoo Finance and London Loves Business – but also in targeted publications within the specific Point-of-Sale service industry itself like and Payments Cards & Mobile.


While content is often at its best when it’s flexible – that is, based on topics which can appeal to wider audiences – there is a great deal of scope for creating content on very specific themes where the client holds a distinct authority on it. This is something we discuss in detail in our recent whitepaper on content marketing in the finance industry, available here.

 With Merchant Machine, by keeping the content on a topic very specific to the company themselves, the content was delivered with undeniable authority and was accordingly well-received by publications in the sector.

As also noted within our whitepaper, the inclusion of the data set in a transferrable form outside of the shareable graphic made the pieces highly accessible to the publications targeted by our PR team – as it gives the content significant B2B value beyond the story itself. The data’s availability takes it beyond being a headline to being a resource – which has meant that further coverage has continued to trickle in over time, building the value of these content pieces.


  • 73 pieces of coverage
  • 37 follow links, with an average domain rating of 56
  • Coverage includes MSN, Yahoo Finance, and London Loves Business

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