09:00-11:45 26th March 2024

E-Commerce Essentials: Digital PR for growth online

E-Commerce Essentials: Digital PR for growth online

E-Commerce Essentials: Digital PR for growth online

T: 09:00-11:45

D: 26th March 2024

L: Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, London, W1D 3DH

C: alice.taylor@kaizen.co.uk

Join us in-person in the Indigo Room at the Soho Hotel, Tuesday 26th March, 9am-11:45am a digital PR seminar on how to effectively grow your brand online.

At this intimate event we’ll be delving into the strategies employed by various retail brands to enhance their presence and visibility in the digital marketplace. We’ll highlight best-in-class examples and share key insights and actionable advice that will enable you to climb up the rankings and drive digital growth for your brand.

We’ll showcase which retailers are smashing it in the Search Engine Results Pages across various sectors and discuss how they could be making their campaigns work even harder by leveraging Digital PR tactics. 

We’ll help you understand the types of Digital PR campaigns that will be the most effective for your category, show you best-in-class examples of how and why they work, and share actionable learnings that you’ll be able to apply to your own digital growth strategy moving forward. 

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09:00   Breakfast & registration

Arrive, meet the other guests and help yourself to a free continental breakfast before taking your seat.

09:35   Which brands are smashing it in the SERPS? 

We take a look at the top performing brands across 5 key e-commerce categories and the strategies they’ve used to climb to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages.

10:00   How are brands winning in the off-site space?

We talk you through marketing tactics currently being used by brands to gain coverage online including Product launches, Affiliate links and broader Integrated campaigns.

10:15   BREAK

10:30  Digital PR: What does good look like?  

Here we will talk you through the different Digital PR formats explaining what they are, the benefits they can deliver, and how you can apply them effectively for your brand. We’ll discuss the future of Digital PR campaigns and share examples of specific content and approaches we’ve created to deliver sustained digital growth and ROI for our clients.

11:20   Discussion / Q&A

Now we want to hear from you, what are your main pain points or challenges? What DPR tactics are you currently using?How is DPR perceived in your business? We want to help you understand how Digital PR can work for your brand – from the things you can prioritise with a smaller budget to how you can justify the investment in the boardroom we want you to take away a clear understanding of how you can action and apply Digital PR tactics for your specific sector.

11:45   End

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