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E-Commerce Essentials: Digital PR for growth online

09:00-12:00 | 26th March 2024

E-Commerce Essentials: Digital PR for growth online

Event Details

At this intimate round table we focussed on Digital PR tactics for E-commerce brands. We delved into the strategies employed by various retailers to enhance their presence and visibility in the digital marketplace. We highlighted best-in-class examples and shared key insights and actionable advice that would enable attendees to climb up the rankings and drive digital growth for their brands.

We showcased which retailers were smashing it in the Search Engine Results Pages across various sectors and explored how they were doing it, taking a closer look into how brands of all shapes and sizes were effectively leveraging Digital PR to maximise their impact online.

We helped attendees understand the types of Digital PR campaigns that would be the most effective for their category, showed them best-in-class examples of how and why they worked, and shared actionable learnings from our research that they could apply to their own digital growth strategies moving forward.

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09:00   Breakfast & registration

Arrive and enjoy a free breakfast before taking your seat.

09:35   Which brands are smashing it in the SERPS? 

We reveal the top performing brands across 5 key e-commerce categories and the strategies they’ve used to climb to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages.

09:55   Digital PR for E-commerce: What does good look like?

Explore the diverse range of tactics being used across the brands before looking at the best-in-class digital PR content examples and understand how you can go about leveraging similar activity to meet your own category challenges and business needs.

10:40   BREAK

11:05   How digital PR can be a catalyst for SEO growth 

Hear real case study examples of how Digital PR campaigns have delivered impressive growth and ROI for our clients.

11:20   Panel discussion

Covering the importance of optimising your organic channels, methods to justify investments in the boardroom, prioritising strategies with limited budgets, pros and cons of outsourcing to agencies, perspectives on link-building, and the impact of brand campaigns on SEO.

12:00.  Thank you & Goodbye

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