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Influencer Marketing 101: 4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Matters

Influencer Marketing 101: 4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Matters

When it comes to Influencer Marketing, social media matters in more ways than one. Not only is it the vehicle that drives your campaign it also acts as a shop window for your brand and core values. 

One of the first things we do when a client gets in touch about an influencer campaign is look at their social pages; their approach tells us a lot about their brand personality and helps us make a more successful campaign strategy. 

This piece explores four reasons why having an active social media presence is integral to influencer marketing.

Bolsters brands credibility and authenticity 

Having an active and authentic social media account on the platform the influencer campaign takes place helps bolster brand credibility and authenticity. Even though the influencer campaign won’t take place on your brand’s social media page, if an influencer tries to tag your brand and an account doesn’t exist, your brand will appear untrustworthy. 

It’s also natural for users to visit a brand’s social page when they see sponsored posts they’re interested in. If your brand has a high-quality profile, it’ll make the influencer campaign more successful. 

Entices influencers to work with brands 

It is important to remember that social media influencers – though people – are brands themselves. Having an active social media presence with a good size following entices influencers to work with your brand as this becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. Your brand’s patrons are more likely to find their way to the influencer’s account, increasing their following and making their brand bigger and vice versa. 

As more and more companies allocate a large portion of their marketing budget to influencer marketing, influencers can be picky on who they work with. Molly-Mae Hague, an Instagram influencer who has amassed a collective following of over 9 million on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, was in the news recently for sharing that she turned down a £2 million deal with a high street fashion label. She decided she did not want to work with the brand solely because she didn’t buy their clothes, so she didn’t want to tell her followers to. In August 2021, Molly announced that she would be the new Creative Director of PrettyLittleThing fashion brand for a whopping 7 figure payout. 

Influencers have a lot more power than people think, especially when it comes to swaying purchasing decisions. The culture is shifting from influencers feeling lucky to be reached out to and willing to work with anyone to choosing who they work with and ensuring they align with their values. 

Even securing full-time jobs at brands like Molly-Mae has Having a social media presence creates the credibility influencers are looking to see. 

Increases reach 

Cultivating a following on social media increases reach. Establishing your brand personality and portraying that on your social accounts can encourage your customers to follow you. 

If you sell products, you can tease launches and show customers your products. Some brands do this well, like Glossier. Glossier started as a blog called Into The Gloss, which, after gaining popularity, founder Emily Weiss turned into the skincare brand it is today. The Glossier Instagram account has over 2.7 million followers and continues to grow. There is even a name for the types of women they feature on their account called the Glossier Girl. Glossier’s Instagram is perfectly curated perfection, and the more beautiful and on-brand their page becomes, the larger their following becomes.

Offers a platform to talk directly to consumers & build a community

Social media also offers your brand the opportunity to create a community and talk directly to consumers. Netflix does this by having individual Instagram accounts for each region and potential interests.

There is NetflixFamily, NexflixIsAJoke, NetflixFood, NetflixFilm, WhatToWatchOnNetflix, and StongBlackLead, to name a few. All of these accounts create a community of people who have similar interests and brings these individuals together. Strong Black Lead highlights films and tv shows that showcase people of colour as the lead actor, director, or producer. 


To summarise, using social media influencers has proven to be highly effective for campaigns, and yours could be successful too. 

Perfecting your social media presence has many benefits, not only for influencer marketing campaigns but also for your brand’s overall success. 

Interested in finding out if influencer marketing could elevate your brand? Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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Amanda Easter

With over 6 years of experiences in Social Media Management both at agencies and in house, Amanda brings her knowledge from brands in the UK, US and Europe. Since joining the team in 2021, Amanda has scaled up our influencer offering and co-founded our Social Media department, diving into building unique strategies for our clients and leading the team in implementing these across all social channels.

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