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Introducing the Kaizen Academy

Introducing the Kaizen Academy

Kaizen Academy: Say hello to our 4 new trainees working across Digital PR, SEO and Influencer Marketing

We’re delighted to welcome four new faces to Kaizen as part of our new 12-month rotational training programme!

Drew Munday, Hoda Hassan, Jessica Greenwood and Marianne Spencer have all joined the Kaizen Academy and will work across our Digital PR, SEO, and Influencer Marketing teams. As part of the programme, each trainee is receiving one-to-one mentoring, networking opportunities and the opportunity to become CEO for a day.  

Marianne Spencer, a trainee in Kaizen Academy, says, “Kaizen Academy swept us up into the agency lifestyle from day one. A week of onboarding gave us detailed insight into the business and what we had to look forward to. We are only a few weeks in, and I’m constantly learning from the people around me and expect this will continue throughout my rotations between departments. I’m so excited for the months to come and even more eager to be CEO for the day.” 

Hoda Hassan, another trainee in the academy, adds, “Being a part of Kaizen Academy has been an incredible experience so far. I have always wanted to work in PR. Having the opportunity to do so whilst learning about the industry from my colleagues has been highly beneficial for my personal growth. Exploring the different areas of digital marketing has also been a welcome bonus to my time in the academy, and I look forward to becoming more versed as my roles change over the 12 months.” 

After hundreds of applications and several interview rounds with the best and brightest creative minds up and down the country, Kaizen is delighted to bring such exciting talent on board. We can’t wait to see what they’ll bring to the team!

While applications for Kaizen Academy have closed, we are still hiring for several roles across our Digital PR, SEO and Business Development teams. Learn more and apply today.  

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Kathryn Case

Kathryn Case is the Marketing Manager at Kaizen. She is responsible for the production and management of Kaizen’s own content, social media, events and digital presence.

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