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Kaizen Culture: Working From Abroad

Kaizen Culture: Working From Abroad


At Kaizen, we offer all permanent team members the opportunity to apply to work from abroad for up to 6 months. Since introducing this as a benefit for all to enjoy post-covid, we’ve seen what a wonderful impact it can have from a personal development perspective, alongside increased productivity and talent retention for the business.

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Of course, while remote work offers flexibility and freedom, we still wholeheartedly believe in the value of face-to-face interactions. Our office spaces serve as a hub where people can get together and exchange impromptu ideas, form friendships and strengthen communication. The office is where we cultivate camaraderie, trust, and a sense of belonging that’s difficult to replicate virtually plus, physical proximity allows for spontaneous interactions, socialising opportunities and reinforces that wider sense of being part of a team on a day-to-day basis.

However, we want our people to be able to experience new things, to learn from different cultures and to see the world without having to wait until they’re eligible to take a full sabbatical, or feeling like they’d have to take a career break in order to travel around.

So for us, our remote work package offers a win-win scenario for employers and employees alike.

Personal Development: 

Working from different locations exposes people to diverse cultures, perspectives, and ways of life. This can broaden their horizons, enhance their adaptability, and foster a deeper understanding of global markets, which is invaluable in our field of international digital marketing. Exposure to new environments encourages creativity and innovation, leading to fresh ideas and approaches in their work.

Work-Life Balance:

Offering remote work opportunities enables people to achieve a better work-life balance. They have the flexibility to structure their work around their personal lives, for example visiting family or friends for extended periods of time, leading to reduced stress and increased job satisfaction. This flexibility can also help attract and retain top talent, as we offer our team autonomy and freedom to manage their schedules in a way that suits them best.

Increased Productivity:

Contrary to common misconceptions, remote work can actually boost productivity. Eliminating the daily commute saves time and energy, allowing people to focus more on their tasks. Additionally, the freedom to choose a working environment—whether it’s the office or a cafe in Milan… It can enhance concentration and creativity for different people, leading to higher quality output overall.

Unique Learning Opportunities: 

Working from different parts of the world encourages employees to share their experiences and insights with their colleagues. This exchange of perspectives can spark new ideas, approaches, and strategies, enriching the collective knowledge of the team. Regular virtual meetings, ideation sessions, and knowledge-sharing can facilitate an elevated learning environment for everyone.

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Here, SEO Account Manager at Kaizen, Todd Bishop shares his experience:

“Embracing the freedom to work from anywhere has always been a dream of mine, a perk I found particularly appealing when applying for my job at Kaizen almost 4 years ago. The opportunity to work from abroad was like a beacon of possibility and after some deliberation, Madrid, Spain, quickly rose to the top of my list of a place I’d like to explore further. Along with its burgeoning reputation as a ‘digital nomad’ hotspot, as a lifelong Londoner the promise of a warmer climate, siesta-style culture and traditional Spanish cuisine was especially enticing. 

Kaizen’s commitment to translating benefits from paper to practice was evident, and on pitching the idea to my line-manager the response was overwhelmingly supportive, treating my request as a natural next step for me and my career path.

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Thanks to Kaizen’s ingrained culture of flexible and remote work, transitioning to my new workspace abroad was seamless. With established systems in place for open communication and project management, my team and I could continue our workflow unhindered by borders and differing time zones. Plus, the Work From Home Fund came in handy, helping me to set up a comfortable workspace in my new environment. 

For the first month, I’d say I was in full tourist mode, using most of my evenings after work and weekends to see the sights. From leisurely strolls in El Retiro Park to exploring hidden gems in the Old Town, I then had the time to settle and to embrace local culture and language, immersing myself in more authentic experiences, venturing into more local areas and establishments and getting to practise “un poco de español” that I was learning along the way.

The transition from tourist to temporary resident allowed me to embrace an experience I’d always dreamed of without having to leave the security of my job and salary to do so.”

Interested in joining Kaizen’s team? Find open opportunities here.

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Todd Bishop

Todd is an SEO Account Manager with 4+ years experience in the industry, most of which has been at Kaizen. Todd has worked across some of Kaizen’s biggest and longest-standing clients, and has a wealth of experience working across retail and e-commerce clients.

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