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The Tea and Biscuit Experiment: Creating a Viral Campaign for Seven Star Digital

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Seven Star Digital wanted to to enhance brand authority and online visibility for TopRatedCasinos. The standout piece of content came from a “Tea and Biscuit Experiment,” which tested the ‘dunkability’ of popular UK biscuits, crowned the Jaffa Cake as the winner and sparked widespread debate featuring on major platforms like BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain.

The Brief

Seven Star Digital wanted to use Digital PR to increase authority for their TopRatedCasinos brand by generating high-quality coverage and links. They also had the secondary aim of boosting the brand’s overall online visibility.

The Plan

Over 6 months we set out to create four Digital PR campaigns supported by an always-on reactive approach. To appeal to TopRatedCasino’s target audience, we focused our content ideas on Sports and Lifestyle, with campaigns including “The Best Cities for Dating” and “The Most Popular F1 Drivers”.

We also created “The Tea and Biscuit” experiment, which was a huge success, achieving variability and even a slot on TV’s Good Morning Britain.

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Spotlight Campaign

Tapping into the quintessentially British pastime of tea and biscuits, we asked the UK what their favourite biscuits were for dunking. We then put those to the test by determining the ‘dunkability’ of each biscuit, to then crown the ultimate winner.

To determine which of the nation’s most loved biscuits was the most dunkable, we took matters into our own hands. We gathered 17 of the most popular biscuit types, which were then dunked into water at the average temperature of a cup of tea (70-75 degrees Celsius). We timed how long each biscuit took to break apart while counting how many dunks it took before this happened.

The headline that sparked debate was that the jaffa cake was crowned the winner – also tapping into the well-known debate on whether it’s a cake or a biscuit!

The top five most dunkable biscuits were:

  1. Jaffa Cake – 116 dunks
  2. Chocolate Leibniz – 80 dunks
  3. Bourbon – 78 dunks
  4. Caramel Digestive – 53 dunks
  5. Walkers Shortbread – 40 dunks

The campaign exceeded all KPI expectations and was shared across multiple platforms including online and offline publications, social media and television.


109 pieces of coverage
99 links
62 average DR

The campaign was Tweeted about by:
Yorkshire Tea
Typhoo Tea

It also made it onto Jaffa Cake’s TikTok and had segments on BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain.

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