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Researching Modern Working Habits to Land Remote on Industry-Leading Publications Across the Globe

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Remote wanted to improve organic keyword rankings and visibility for their key products. To achieve this, we set out to generate high-quality backlinks with industry-specific content focused initially on their ‘Global Benefits’ product offering.

The Plan

In order to generate high-quality links that directly aligned with their B2B target audience, for our initial campaign we decided to create a 4-pronged strategy:

  1. Create a large-scale report on the modern working world, and research what employers are looking for and what employees value. This would generate a wealth of content, giving us many outreach opportunities. 
  2. Run a survey to gain direct, first-party insights, providing unique and up-to-date information about the business sector that would set us apart from competitors in the news. 
  3. Support the survey with expert commentary, which added to the authority of our report and would allow us to have a reactive element to our outreach strategy. 
  4. Gain international insight, allowing our campaign to reach far and wide. 

The result was our 4,205-word whitepaper looking at the future of employee benefits. This surveyed 10,000 people in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US, shining a light on the benefits most valued by employees.

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Spotlight Campaigns

By running a survey of 10,000 people in multiple territories, we generated a wealth of data and findings. 

Some of the questions we set out to answer were: 

  1. How important is the benefit of being able to work remotely?
  2. Which wellness programs do employees want employers to offer (including things like gym memberships, therapy or coaching, or time off for mental health improvement)?
  3. How important is career training when looking at employee benefit programs, and do people consider technical and software training more important than leadership training, for example? 
  4. What are the key benefits people will look for when considering their next job move?  

We also asked people which industry they worked in, their current working situation and whether they were a parent/guardian to at least one child – alongside the standard questions such as age, gender and location.

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We were then able to gain specific insight on how benefits differ across the above criteria. 

Some of the key headlines that publications used when covering the campaign included: 

  • Forbes: Top Ten Most Valued Employee Benefits
  • Yahoo Finance: Almost eight in 10 employees want flexible working hours, study reveals
  • Heise.de: Skilled labour shortage: What matters to employees when changing jobs
  • ZDNET: Flexible hours or a four-day work week? Here are the benefits employees want most
  • Sudouest.fr: Flexibility, retirement plans, overtime: employees’ preferred social benefits according to a study

The Results

Alongside the vast number of links we generated for this specific campaign, Remote saw a 178% increase in keywords ranking in positions 1-10 within 12 months of working with us creating campaigns for their key products.

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