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Creating Hyper-Relevant Campaign for Fast Private Jet to Gain Top Tier International Coverage

Pieces of Coverage

To showcase a niche in Fast Private Jet’s business and attract visitors to their website, we created a hyper-relevant crypto-focused campaign. After an initial slow start, we re-angled the campaign to appeal to travel and lifestyle audiences, with excellent results. 

The campaign landed extensive media coverage in high-tier publications, exceeding our overall KPI for the entire contract. 

Read on to find out more about how we did it.

Our Strategy

As Fast Private Jet’s key target consumer is interested in luxury travel and crypto-payments, we wanted to highlight that customers can purchase their flights using crypto. We launched a campaign for Fast Private Jet by gathering international data on the capital cities around the world that had the most venues accepting crypto payments in places such as hotels, restaurants, and shops.

After a slow start to the campaign and our first round of outreach to finance and crypto-based journalists, we decided to try and re-angle the campaign to travel and lifestyle audiences. As a result, we began to see a large amount of coverage come through.

We then continued to target both international travel publications as well as regional journalists from the countries within the key stats.


The campaign exceeded our overall KPI needed for our entire contract, landing coverage in Tier 1 publications such as MSN, Travel Pulse and Bitcoin.com.

We also gained three pieces of coverage across one of Fast Private Jet’s ‘dream publications’: Forbes.

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