How We Boosted Vonage’s Search Rankings Through SEO



Vonage is an award-winning global communications service provider for both B2C and B2B markets. They primarily provide business telephone services, and serve over 600,000 SMEs in the United Kingdom.

Key Points

31% year-on-year increase in organic non-branded traffic

8% year-on-year increase in organic conversions

27 new landing pages created and 3 link building campaigns


Kaizen has worked with Vonage for over 3 years to improve the standard of their SEO. Following frequent site audits, this took the form of a number of different projects, specifically:

1. Keyword research and mapping across existing landing pages and META data
2. Creation of new landing pages to accommodate relevant long-tail keywords and access featured snippets for traditional and voice search
3. Site speed improvements
4. Crawl error repair
5. URL architecture audit
6. Removal of duplicate content
7. Creation and implementation of structured data
8. Optimisation for international SEO
9. Vonage Extensions App Optimisation for App Store

Each of these was identified, analysed, and then implemented in-house by Kaizen, in order to reduce the amount of input required by Vonage and save them time and money.


As a result of our SEO recommendations in the 2016-2017 year, Vonage saw a 31% increase in organic non-branded traffic, which has also led to an 8% increase in organic conversions over the same time-period.

One of our link-building campaign for Vonage, detailing the top 50 cities in the UK in which to start a business, gained 18 follow links and 20 pieces overall of coverage in the likes of The London Economic and This is Money.

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