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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic we produced a campaign for Direct Apply in which we created a 3D model of a remote worker after 25 years at home. This reactive and visually striking “Susan” campaign garnered international attention, featuring in top-tier publications like Fox News and The Sun and gaining widespread social media traction through memes.

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The Brief

In 2020, we signed DirectlyApply as a new client and had to consider how we’d launch a successful campaign amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

With reactive stories working well within the media, using our in-house designers, we decided to create a 3D model of what a remote worker would look like after staying 25 years at home.


“The Susan campaign far exceeded our expectations, and Kaizen truly delivered results above and beyond what we had initially anticipated. As a startup, to watch DirectlyApply garner international coverage across tier-one publications was a perfect result. Plus, seeing the traction Susan received on social media was an added benefit; it got a lot of consumers talking and helped to amplify our brand.”

Will Capper, Co-Founder


The campaign landed over 200+ links, 400+ pieces of coverage, and over 60,000 social shares. By landing coverage on Fox News, The Sun, The Standard, MSN, Metro, and UNILAD, the campaign drove over 16,000 site visits and increased their domain rating from 35 to 38.

With the shocking imagery, the story led to several news outlets publishing the piece, and multiple memes about Susan ‘The Remote Worker’ shared on Twitter.

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