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Generating Localised Links in the French Market for Savoo.fr

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Savoo is a leading voucher code and deals website operating in 12 countries around the world including Germany, France, 5 other EU markets, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

They tasked us with creating campaigns to establish their expertise across various EU markets, including France. To succeed in the French market, we carried out six campaigns over 12 months, gaining high-quality backlinks through timely and relevant stories. 

Overall, our work for Savoo generated 200 pieces of coverage, 163 valuable links, and an average Domain Rating of 68 through these campaigns.

The Brief

We were tasked with positioning Savoo as the experts in their field through high-quality backlinks across their UK, FR and DE domains.

To achieve this goal for the French market specifically, we created six creative campaigns across 12 months to gain localised high DR backlinks. Here we outline some of our most successful stories.

Spotlight Campaigns

Advent Calendars

Launching in October to ensure we hit the key peak purchasing time, we created a campaign that looked at the most popular advent calendars in France across multiple categories such as Beauty, Jewellery and Chocolate. The data that propelled the campaign to success specifically focused on the best-value-for-money advent calendars based on the price of the calendars and the average price of the products (when bought with the calendar and bought separately).

This campaign surpassed our expectations, achieving an impressive 102 pieces of coverage from authoritative publications like Elle FR, Cosmopolitan FR and Marie France, with an average DR of 80.

The Best-Value-For-Money Christmas Getaways in Europe

Also launching in time for Christmas, we created a campaign looking at the best-value-for-money Christmas getaways across multiple European destinations. This supported trending data we had seen on nearly 30% of French people saying they would go on a Christmas trip.

The campaign explored metrics such as the cost of one night in a 4* hotel, number of Christmas events to attend, percentage chance of snowfall and the cost of a pint. The results found Sibiu, Krakow and Gdansk take the top three spots.

Cities On a Budget

In order to generate relevant regional links, and focus on affordability, we created a campaign that looked at the best-value-for-money cities in France. In order to determine this, our research explored:

  • The number of free or low-cost attractions
  • The price of a coffee
  • The cost of a meal in a cheap restaurant
  • Parking fees
  • Number of accommodation options available under €100

Limoges came out on top, whilst Amiens landed at the bottom of the top 10 for affordability.

This campaign creates evergreen angles, tapping into key travel peaks, as well as into weekend travel trends throughout the year.


Although we’ve highlighted just three of our best-performing campaigns that we did for the French market here, overall we generated the following results, proving the partnership to be a huge success:

  • 200 pieces of coverage across 6 campaigns launched in a 12-month period
  • 163 valuable links
  • An amazing average Domain Rating of 68

Publications included: Cosmopolitan FR, ELLE FR, Le Journal des Femmes, Gala, Yahoo Life and Doctissimo.

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