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The Brief

As a gambling brand, we knew that it would be a challenge to get Betway covered by the press. This is a result of strict guidelines for journalists. As a result, we needed an out of the box approach to get them the visibility they needed.

Since most of Betway’s core market are also gamers, we pitched the ‘how dirty are your consoles’ campaign which the client loved. By taking a more generic approach to the content, we produced we knew publications would be more likely to pick it up. Plus, the approach gave us the bonus of tapping into an existing competition between big players such as XBOX and Playstation and garner more coverage for Betway.


“The ‘how dirty are your gaming consoles?’ content was our most prolific and successful casino SEO campaign to date. It helped us achieve 116 English speaking placements, with an additional 104 globally, over a variety of authoritative and high traffic sites across the UK, Canada and India. The campaign allowed us to achieve coverage on sites we have previously been rejected for, normally down to a lack of specialist content. The Gaming Bible ran the piece to their 1.5m monthly viewers, as did UK Tech News to their 1m monthly visitors. Across the pond, in Canada, our finest hit came on Playstation Universe (PSU), a site that has nearly 10 million unique viewers over 12 months. The campaign was Betway’s strongest to date, and the Kaizen team were a pleasure to work with, I couldn’t recommend the guys more and are looking forward to working with them again!”

James Cole, Outreach Manager at Betway Group.


With headlines such as ‘Playsation vs Xbox: Who is Dirtiest’ and ‘Study Finds Console Controllers Carry More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat’, the campaign gained immediate traction with publishers. Betway were able to land links in Gaming Bible, Old School Gamer Magazine, Game Industry, VGR, Tech Shout, and PSU, among others.

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