09:00-12:00 29th June 2023

INVITE ONLY: Should AI Content Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy?

INVITE ONLY: Should AI Content Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy?

Event details

T: 09:00-12:00

D: 29th June 2023

L: The Hoxton Shoreditch (81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU)

C: events@kaizen.co.uk

Should AI Content Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy?

What is the future of AI, Content, and Digital PR, and what role should it play in your SEO strategy?

With each new update to ChatGPT, the true value of Digital PR, content, and link-building seems uncertain. During this event, we’ll be doing a deep dive into the impact of AI on SEO, Digital PR and Content in general. We want to look at how it’s affecting the production cycle (for better or for worse), and how we, as SEOs, can leverage OpenAI to our advantage for our workflows and creativity.

Looking at the early experiment results from our upcoming whitepaper, which dives into the capabilities of AI content for link-building, we’re inviting you to consider the value of AI for your SEO strategy. Join our roundtable with free breakfast and debate if your brand should incorporate generative AI into its Digital PR and SEO strategies.

This is a roundtable discussion with like-minded, brand-side SEO experts. Free tea, coffee and breakfast will be provided for all attendees.

Our Digital PR and SEO experts will lead the discussion, drawing from experience working on Kaizen’s work with household name brands such as Lovehoney and Comparethemarket.

Organized exclusively for established brands in the industry, past guests have represented Tide Banking, Lego, Adidas, and TUI.

The event will be strictly invite-only; for more information, email events@kaizen.co.uk and click the link to register your interest!

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