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FREE Digital PR Workshop

09:00-12:00 | 22nd May 2024

FREE Digital PR Workshop

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At Kaizen we are committed to continual learning, development, and knowledge sharing with the goal of helping to shape the future of our industry for the better.

As part of this we host a series of FREE training workshops throughout the year to connect with clients and peers and empower participants with critical skills and knowledge essential for success in today’s competitive digital marketing landscape.



Want to learn new ways to grow your brand visibility online? Need a greater understanding of how to build Digital PR into your marketing strategy? Are you a Digital PR novice? During this intimate half-day workshop, we explained what Digital PR is, how and why it works, and helped participants ideate some content campaign ideas for their own brands and sectors.

Interested? Look out for our next session coming soon.

Want to know more about Digital PR? Check out our Playbook for Ecomm brands below.


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