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How to Win Brands and Influence People: Four Bio Must-Haves

How to Win Brands and Influence People: Four Bio Must-Haves

When vetting influencers that brands can work with, you have to look for certain aspects of an account as an influencer marketer. The brand you are working with is looking for influencers who operate in a particular area and cater to a specific demographic. As an influencer, you can include things on your profile that will make your life and the lives of influencer marketers easier. 

Your Name

Something that might seem obvious but often isn’t is to include your name in your profile. It’s surprising how many times you go onto an influencers social media platform, and their handle is something unique or tailored to what their content is about. Influencer marketers and influencers form a relationship when collaborating, and if you don’t know someone’s name or how to address them, it makes the interactions feel inauthentic. If your content has nothing to do with yourself as a brand, like a study or home account, and you are worried about privacy, then including a nickname is a great alternative. If you choose not to include your name, remember to sign it at the bottom of your response when a marketer reaches out to you. 


As an influencer, having a public profile means you receive many DMs, and work opportunities can easily slip through the cracks. An easy way to have work opportunities removed from the clutter is to provide an email on your profile. Having an email address set up directly for business inquiries might seem silly, especially if you’re starting out. However, email allows you to find business inquiries easily and will enable brands to reach you without following up multiple times. As someone who reaches out to influencers regularly, my work Instagram account is a professional account where I DM influencers frequently. My messages can get lost in the shuffle. Having an email address can allow me and other marketers to get our collaboration proposition across in the subject line, making it easier to see and respond to. 


Another thing to include in your profile is your location. When we get a brief from a client, there are specific locations that they want the campaign to target. Again, if you are worried about safety, putting something as vague as your country’s flag in your bio is significantly more helpful than nothing at all! We use tools to find influencers whose audiences are within a particular area. However, including your location in your bio makes things a lot easier for outreaching. 

Management Team

The last thing to include in your profile to make it easier for brands to reach out to you is to include your management information in your bio if you have one. If you have a management team, including the agency, you are represented by is extremely helpful. When you work with many influencers, you start to form relationships with management agencies and including the agency that represents you will make everything go smoother.

Below is a perfect example of a profile that ticks all the boxes. She includes her full name since her username is different, her location and her management’s email address are all straightforward to find on her profile. This makes working with her very easy! Including your email, management team, name and location on your social media profiles makes it easier for brands to reach out to you for work opportunities and so you can make sure opportunities don’t slip through the cracks.

Are you a brand or influencer looking to expand your reach? Get in touch with our Influencer Marketing team to find out how they can kickstart your strategy.

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Amanda Easter

With over 6 years of experiences in Social Media Management both at agencies and in house, Amanda brings her knowledge from brands in the UK, US and Europe. Since joining the team in 2021, Amanda has scaled up our influencer offering and co-founded our Social Media department, diving into building unique strategies for our clients and leading the team in implementing these across all social channels.

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