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We’ve Launched a Social Media & Content Creation Team, Here’s Why

We’ve Launched a Social Media & Content Creation Team, Here’s Why


For many brands, the allure of quick wins and immediate results often takes precedence over long-term strategies. Eager to see rapid returns on their investment, marketers are increasingly inclined to prioritise short-term tactics and paid promotions but are neglecting the brand-building marketing channels they have right at their fingertips.

At Kaizen, we’re on a mission to change this narrative.

Digital is in a state of constant disruption; be it technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, algorithm updates or regulatory pressures – there’s always something new to contend with. Amongst these pressures, advertisers must adapt by embracing innovation, enhancing transparency, and prioritising consumer trust to ensure they cut through the noise, keep their audiences on side and thrive in the ever-changing ecosystem.

To meet this client demand, we’ve spent the last 12 months building a new Social content creation and management service to complete our organic marketing approach. Utilising the research, design and copy teams we’ve had in house for our digital PR products, but focusing them on a new integrated organic approach.

Galvanising clients’ non-paid channels and having a robust social media presence is fundamental to elevating a growing long term customer value and establishing meaningful relationships with your audience.

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Having started life 10 years ago as a Search agency, earned coverage has always been our bread and butter. With a reputation for excellence and expertise in Digital PR and SEO already, the addition of a Social proposition to our core services signifies our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive organic growth strategies for brands.

Social media offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with audiences, gain valuable insights, and cultivate brand loyalty. Our goal remains to deliver high-impact, tangible results – and by leveraging social media management, we know we will achieve measurable improvements in online presence, engagement metrics, and overall brand perception for our clients.

Our new service has been working with clients for the last 8 months, equipping them with the tools and expertise necessary to stand out in the competitive social landscape. Through data-driven insights, creative content creation, and strategic influencer partnerships, we drive brand advocacy and enhance bottom-line results.

The importance of nurturing non-paid channels cannot be overstated for long-term, sustainable growth. We’re advocating for brands to make a strategic shift towards investing in earned media, showing businesses that investing in organic channels is essential for long-term success. 

Want to chat about what we could do for you? Come and say hello – we’d love to hear from you.


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Jeremy McDonald

Jeremy McDonald is the CEO at Kaizen.


Following 5 years at the agency, Jeremy took the reins as CEO at the end of 2023. A digitally focused marketing leader with in-depth experience across SEO, analytics, digital PR & content, he is passionate about using digital marketing to grow brands online. His main priority is to bring Kaizen’s organic marketing products to a broader client base whilst developing his specialist in-house team of 50+ digital experts.

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