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How to Nail Reactive Content in 4 Steps

How to Nail Reactive Content in 4 Steps

Getting into the realm of reactive content can seem daunting with it being such a fast-paced and competitive space within PR. However, it’s incredibly beneficial when you’re trying to get positioned as an expert. Unlike the big stunts we see that take months to put together, reactive content often needs to be pulled together and out the door in a matter of hours.

1. Be quick

One of the main focuses for reactive content is to get it out the door as quickly as possible. Everyone is going to be fighting tooth and nail to get their point of view included, so you need to make sure that not only is your content of top quality but that it gets to the right people as fast as possible. If it’s a time-sensitive topic, you’re going to want to get your content out within a matter of hours, if not sooner.

2. Be informed

If you’re not informed and knowledgeable when it comes to the industry, it’s not going to matter how fast you are – your fingers could be typing so fast that your keyboard is smoking, but without the knowledge to back up the content, it’s going to be meaningless and it will most definitely get ignored.

3. Be different

There are going to be hundreds of brands wanting to give their two pence on relevant breaking news stories. This means that there are also going to be hundreds of PRs competing to get their clients involved in the conversation. If your comment says the exact same thing that every other brand is saying, you’re not going to get included in anything. You need to make sure your contributions are different and that they actually add something of value to the ongoing story. If you can make them quirky, even better.

4. Be aware

You need to know exactly who you’re targeting when you press send. If you’re sending out a comment about energy bill prices and you send it to a fashion journalist, you’re doing it all wrong. Make sure you know the journalists that write about breaking news stories, and that write about things within your industry. If you don’t, your hard work is going to be falling on deaf ears.

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Liz Walsh

Liz Walsh is an Associate Account Manager at Kaizen. She enjoys reactive PR and has landed coverage for our clients in publications such as Glamour, HypeBae, HuffPost, Insider, Popsugar, Men’s Health, Ladbible and Marie Claire.

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