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How To Find The Right Media Contacts For Corporate Clients

How To Find The Right Media Contacts For Corporate Clients

Clients in the finance, tech and business world often ask for very specific campaigns and keywords they want to target in order to boost their visibility online. Developing such niche campaigns often requires an equally niche set of media contacts. This can seem like a mammoth task. How can you go about finding lots of journalists who specialise in the Metaverse or love writing about Bitcoin?

Don’t despair! Finding and gathering these journalists is not impossible. It simply takes the right know-how and approach. So, how should you go about creating this list of contacts?

Start with a Google search

First and foremost, you should google the main areas of your campaign. Whether it’s hedge funds or data breaches, googling niche corporate topics will broaden your understanding of the campaign you’re pulling together and will also give you an idea of the headlines journalists are using around the topic. 

Once you’ve done your googling, try to initially find articles as specifically related to your campaign as possible. By doing this, you will find a plethora of journalists who are not only writing about the topic but who are probably really interested in it as well!

Check they’re relevant!

So you’ve scoured the internet for journalists who specialise in your niche campaign topic. Now you need to ensure the journalist is still at that publication and would still be interested in your story. Look at their work and check if they have recently published articles – no later than the last 9 months is a general rule. 

If they don’t fit the bill, move on as it’s a waste of both your time!

Consider job titles

You’ll also want to consider their job title. See this as a big banner that declares the journalists niche. For example, a health writer most likely won’t be interested in publishing your tips on how to choose the best VPN. 

Googling publications 

Your initial google search can really start to slow down after you’ve found the key niche journalists, so it’s time to refresh your approach. This time, try googling publication names followed by your campaign topic. This really helps to find more relevant articles within a quick time frame. 


Corporate clients are often very protective of their reputation and who they want their Digital PR team reaching out to, and rightly so! Don’t be surprised if they ask to see your media lists before you start contacting them. Make sure you can justify why they’re right for outreach and that they have the potential to cover the story.

Some additional points to consider for corporate media lists:

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Juliet Anderson Digital PR Executive
Juliet Anderson

Juliet Anderson joined as an intern in 2021 and has progressed into a full-time Digital PR Executive role, working on outreach and strategy for a range of our insurance, travel and retail clients.

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