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How to Amplify Your Story with an Expert

How to Amplify Your Story with an Expert

Experts are a great way to add credibility and depth to your campaign as they offer an authoritative voice. But whilst we may be obsessed with our car or love running outside, that doesn’t make us an automobile or fitness expert.

Thankfully, the world is full of people who have expertise on everything weird, wonderful and in between. From sexperts to weather meteorologists, there are industry experts out there to fit every single topic you may be writing about.

1. How can you weave them into your campaign?

The majority of your campaigns will have scope for an expert, and the easiest way to bring one into your piece is to use them to back up and support your data.

We can use people to add context to why we have carried out our campaign, or they can add credibility to the piece if they have been subject to the topic of conversation. For example, if you have a survey on how much Brits love chocolate, get a chocoholic or cocoa expert involved.

2. Plan Plan Plan

Brilliant. You want to find an expert on chocolate, but what are you going to ask them?

Although it is great to have an expert in a campaign, they need to serve meaning and be relevant. The easiest way to figure out how they can do this is to think about your target audience and journalists.

For example, if you are outreaching to the fitness press, they will want to know the health implications of eating too much chocolate. Whereas if you are going to lifestyle publications, they may be interested in expert tips to reduce the amount of chocolate we eat.

Pre-plan some questions that you want your expert(s) to answer so when you find them you can reduce the time taken to get responses.

3. Let the search begin

Now we know what we want an expert for and what we are going to ask them, it is time to begin the hunt. You can use your social media network to find experts or tools such as Response Source, but one of the easiest, and quickest ways, to find experts is through Twitter. Tweet what you are looking for along with #PRrequest and #journorequest.

For example:

“I am looking for a cocoa #expert who can answer some questions on what makes chocolate so addictive DMs open or email me at — #PRrequest #journorequest”

“How can we curb the chocolate cravings and reduce the amount of sugar we eat? Looking for a dietary expert for an upcoming campaign #PRrequest #journorequest. DMs open or email me at —”

There are industry accounts that can help expose your tweet further, such as @PressPlugs @PRJournoRequests. But also ask your followers and fellow employees to share the love and spread your tweet far and wide.

Pro tip: Put your email address in your tweet so people have fast access to your contact information.

4. Experts Everywhere

Your inbox should be inundated with experts soon enough, eager to answer your burning questions on chocolate, cars, and weather. But what’s next?

Now we have our expert, we want to tell the world.


Put it in your headlines, emails and onsite campaign posts and showcase to journalists that your campaign has been supported and backed up by an industry expert.

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Leah works in the outreach team and has been in the industry for nearly three years. Leah’s key interests lie within the creative strategy side of outreach and re-angling content to make campaigns consistently relevant to the news.

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