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5 Ways to Be More Creative in Digital PR

5 Ways to Be More Creative in Digital PR

We’ve all experienced it. Sometimes, staying creative is not easy, especially when working in the digital PR world. As PR practitioners, we are constantly asked to generate new concepts and ideas for new clients, always be up-to-date with the news, and look for reactive opportunities. 

However, ideating is not always an easy task for busy digital PRs. 

This is why I’ve decided to share 5 easy tips to always be on top of the news and be more creative daily.

Twitter is your Bible

Like many other Digital PRs, from the early days of my career, I’ve used Twitter religiously to look at trends and news. Besides providing a solid PR community, using this social media platform for work can also be a quick and easy way to keep updated with worldwide news and trending topics. Twitter also offers several Digital PR pages, such as Digital PR Examples or Digital PR Inspiration, where community members often post successful campaign ideas for agencies and executives to look at and get inspired from. 

Be curious

Working in an agency can be exciting as you get to explore different fields for different clients. One day you are working on a fun press release about pet products, and the next, you are diving into the more serious world of cybersecurity and credit cards. There is no limit to what a Digital PR practitioner can research. My advice would be to always keep an open mind, even in the fields of expertise you feel less confident about, as this could be beneficial for ideating for similar clients in the future. 

Take breaks 

Sometimes the best thing to do when we are ideating is take a break. Digital PR executives and managers are generally very busy and under pressure. Their daily schedule includes replying to emails, researching, attending client meetings and more. However, sometimes we need to take the time to let our imagination flow to generate the best ideas. So, whenever I’m running low on ideas, I generally like to stand up and have a walk, make myself a coffee or simply look out of the window. This helps my mind relax and unwind, allowing me to have a pair of fresh eyes when I return to my laptop. 

Google everything

If Twitter is your Bible, Google is your best friend. Whenever I’m ideating or looking for inspiration, I use Google news to see what topics are being covered by the press the most, to get some inspiration for new campaigns for my clients. Another very useful multi-purpose tool for finding trending content is Buzzsumo.


Sometimes simply being present and aware of the world we live in can be a source of inspiration. Noticing things in life and experiencing them creates a field of connection with other human beings who share similar experiences. As digital PRs, our job is to communicate, create, but most importantly, connect with journalists and readers, help our clients find their voice, and navigate the online press smoothly and comfortably. 

As Steve Jobs said: 

‘’Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.’’. 

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Grace Hartnett

Grace brings more than a decade of invaluable expertise to the realm of SEO and Digital PR. Initially joining Kaizen as a Technical SEO Assistant in a team of four, she now plays a pivotal role in leading our Outreach and Production teams. Her focus lies in streamlining operational workflows and working with the team to surpass client expectations.

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