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5 Key Elements to Make Your Digital PR Designs Stand Out

5 Key Elements to Make Your Digital PR Designs Stand Out

When it comes to digital PR, having good designs is essential for ensuring a quality campaign. Whether that be through static data sets or animations, the designs within your campaign give the audience a visual to hold on to. In this blog, I’ll detail the 5 key elements that you need to include to make your digital PR designs stand out.

1. Story Telling

A good campaign is one that has an introduction, the main content, and a conclusion. We have to think about the order of what to show first. Sometimes it’s better to show the most shocking/interesting facts first to captivate the readers. Rarely do we save the best data until later. Highlight any words that could draw extra attention. If any data images aren’t understood at a glance, revise it, then simplify what you don’t need.

2. Data Visualisation

Try to condense hard to read information all in one nice compact image. Think about the different ways we can make it easy to digest for the reader, whether it is in the form of a bar chart, line graph or a heatmap. Another thing to keep in mind when designing it on an image – is you don’t need to show ALL the data, but the ones that will create the most impact. A quick look on Pinterest.com or Behance.com might give you some ideas on how to present your next set of data visualisation images.

3. Design Relevance

If it’s not following brand guidelines, think about the mood you’re trying to convey, the appropriate colours and style for this campaign. It helps to know what kind of audience and publications you’re appealing to as well. A fun campaign might have bright colours and exciting illustrations, but something more formal might require some graphs and imagery.

4. Design Consistency

Be sure to keep things consistent throughout. For the most part, try to avoid having no more than 2-3 fonts for the entire campaign and keep your colour themes at around 5 colours. Coolors.co or Color.adobe.com are both great ways to generate some new colour scheme ideas. Choosing the way a header is displayed throughout should also be taken into account. The most common ones are ALL CAPITALS, Title Cased and Sentenced cased. Bold headers to break up the title and copy.

5. Image Sourcing

One of the most confusing aspects of using copyright images is understanding whether these are ok to use in your blogs or campaigns. The easiest thing to keep in mind is whether the licence falls under CC0 or creative commons. Anything else may require a bit more reading. My typical go-to would be something like Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels for a selection of high quality free to use imagery.

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Terry Chu
Terry Chu

Terry is Kaizen’s Senior Digital Designer. Working with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and various animation softwares, Terry brings our data-led campaigns to life through beautiful design.

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