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Top 8 Tools for a Conversion Rate Optimisation Project

Top 8 Tools for a Conversion Rate Optimisation Project

A Conversion Rate Optimisation project cannot happen over night. It is a complex and detailed process which requires you to carry out a number of different steps and stages, including gathering data and carrying out A/B tests. These different stages all link together to help you achieve the best result possible for your website. But to achieve actionable data and scientific results, you’ll need the support of a number of different tools along the way. Looking for tools across the web can be quite an overwhelming task, so to help you out; I’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful tools out there (you’re welcome).

One of the first steps in a Conversion Rate Optimisation project is gathering data, so lets start by looking at the range of tools available to help you gain as many insights as possible …

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Logo

If you don’t currently have Google Analytics, this would be worth investing in even from a business point of view.

Its overall purpose: In short, the purpose of Google Analytics is to track and report on your website’s traffic.

Its CRO purpose:

Cost: Standard version is Free.

Image: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/s/logo-ga.png

User Testing

User Testing Logo

Its overall purpose: To gain audio, video or written feedback on websites and apps

Its CRO purpose:

Cost: Free Trial for Pro Subscription or $49 Basic Subscription



Crazy Egg Logo

Its overall purpose: To provide you with insights on how and where your users are interacting with your site.

Its CRO purpose:

Cost: 30 day free trial, $99 Pro, $49 Plus, $19 Standard, $9 Basic



Its overall purpose: A website survey software

Its CRO purpose:

Cost: 14 day free trial, Small Business = $63/ month, Professional = $199/ month, Enterprise = $499/ month.


If you also get the time, Kissmetrics and Clicktale are great tools for gathering data & are definitely worth including in your tool deliberation!

Ok, so you’ve gathered your data efficiently and are aware of the aspects of your website that aren’t working and why. You’re now inspired with a number of different changes you can make, but before making these permanent, you need to test whether your changes actually have a positive impact on conversions. Here’s a number of great A/B testing tools that can help!


Optimizely Logo

Its overall purpose: An A/B testing tool

Its CRO purpose:

Cost: Starter Plan = Free, Enterprise Plan = Get in touch for personalised quotes


Google Content Experiments

Its overall purpose: Landing page variation experiments (A/B testing).

Its CRO purpose:

Cost: Free


Visual Website Optimiser

VWO Logo

Its overall purpose: Control A/B tests without the need of a developer

Its CRO purporse:

Cost: Free Trial, Startup Plan = $49/ month, Business Plan = $129 / month, Enterprise Plan = $999 / month.


Once you’ve carried out you’re A/B tests, you have a pretty good understanding of which changes need to be made permanent throughout your website. This is the tricky part where coding gets involved and this may no longer lie within your jurisdiction. Instead, it falls to your developers. To effectively communicate the changes you want made, I recommend using a wireframe tool to mock them up and pass on to your developers. A great wireframe tool is Balsamiq.

Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups Logo

Its overall purpose: A wireframe creation tool

Its CRO purpose:

Cost: Varying costs from $89 – $9,790 depending on the time of licence you are looking for. A single user licence is $89.


Image: https://media.balsamiq.com/files/company/balsamiq-logo-screen.png

These are just a small selection of the tools available out there for you to use – but they’re a good place to start! The tools you use will be very dependant on what you want to achieve, the size of your business and how much you’ve got to spend throughout your Conversion Rate Optimisation project, but the idea is that you’ll need to get your head around what tools can support you the best. With the right tools, you’ll gain all of the insights you need to make your Conversion Rate Optimisation project a successful one!

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