We’re running a rel=”nofollow” experiment

We’re running a rel=”nofollow” experiment

Since March 2020, Google is allegedly now seeing the rel=”nofollow” tag as a signal rather than a clear directive to not crawl, index and judge a sites rankings accordingly. So, we’ve decided to figure out what’s really going on and have made 2 websites in which for one will receive nofollow only backlinks, and the other, follow backlinks.

We’ll be sharing the results in due course and for now, this post literally exists to serve as two backlinks to the content.

Pete Reis-Campbell

Pete Reis-Campbell started building websites from his bedroom at age 14. After a few years of honing his skills in the industry, Pete founded what we now know as Kaizen. What started as a one-person business run from Pete’s one-bed flat in Dalston has skyrocketed into an award-winning industry trailblazer and one of the UK’s top 50 tech companies as awarded by Deloitte.

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Published: 28/06/2020


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