2023 Spotlight Campaigns

2023 Spotlight Campaigns

The year 2023 was a triumph for our Digital PR team. With the aim of generating high authority backlinks to improve organic visibility for our clients, we launched 512 PR stories and campaigns, resulting in over 7,500 links in the last 12 months. 

Here, we delve into three standout campaigns that not only captured attention across various markets, but that showcased the power of creativity, relatability, and strategic execution in achieving outstanding media coverage and link acquisition for our clients.

Walkable Cities for Preply

Preply is an online language learning platform, connecting tutors to thousands of learners across the globe.

We implemented a study using Google Maps data to find out which city breaks provided the quickest walking routes when it came to hitting their 5 biggest tourist attractions on foot. Calculations included steps, calories burned, and other fitness-related metrics. This was a perfect piece of content to compliment their international offering and it was executed across the UK, ES, IT, and DE markets.

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Key Learnings:

  • Simple data can deliver multiple unique stories for a campaign.
  • International content expands outreach opportunities and allows for tailored regional targeting 
  • Seasonality can aid outreach; we launched this in the summer whilst more people were looking for holiday content.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Yahoo, Express, Reader’s Digest, MSN, Vanity Fair 

In Numbers: (across all markets)

  • 156 total pieces of coverage
  • 38 Follow links
  • 73 No-follow links

Tea and Biscuit Experiment for Seven Star Digital

In a creative exploration of the British love affair with tea and biscuits, we conducted a unique study to test the robustness of the nation’s favourites and their capacity for being dunked into a hot beverage without falling apart. Although a simple concept, the results sparked huge debate in the press when, with a shocking twist, it was in fact Jaffa Cakes that were crowned ‘the ultimate dunking biscuit’.

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Key Learnings:

  • Simplicity sells and will often appeal to a broader audience.
  • Relatable content is key when it comes to sparking conversations.
  • Controversy creates buzz.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Telegraph, Express, BBC Newsround,, Daily Star, BBC Breakfast, The Times, Sky News, Daily Mail, HuffPost, Good Morning Britain

In Numbers:

  • 106 total pieces of coverage
  • 17 Follow links
  • 9 No-follow links

The World’s Wine Habit Index for Compare My Jet

For this particular piece of content, the team researched 38 OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) affiliated countries to reveal the biggest producers and consumers of wine. The research also highlighted the world’s favourite wines, the cheapest and most expensive countries in which to buy a bottle of wine and the best places to visit to experience the greatest wine the world has to offer. 

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Key Learnings:

  • Travel as a theme enhances appeal for coverage in international markets.
  • Tapping into ‘worldwide interests’ will extend the reach of a campaign.
  • Timeless content will continue to attract links long after the campaign is pushed live.

Coverage Highlights:

  • CNBC, MSN, Yahoo!, Food and Wine, La De Peche (France)

In Numbers:

  • 71 total pieces of coverage
  • 44 Follow links
  • 5 No-follow links


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Alice Taylor

Kaizen’s Senior B2B Marketing Manager

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Published: 09/01/2024


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