How Internet Security Experts Hacked a Home And Gained 33 Follow Links



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Key Points

49 Pieces of Coverage

33 Follow Links, average DR of 50

Coverage includes Forbes, Yahoo, Marketing Land & Digital Trends


As a brand with protecting consumers at its forefront, vpnMentor posed the challenge of wanting to create content that broke ground and gave consumers food for thought about the security of their devices.

To meet this challenge, Kaizen came up with an idea relevant to a popular trend today – the rise of smart home tools. Utilising a team of hackers based in the USA, we purchased smart home tools and the hacking team set about uncovering any vulnerabilities that may leave the users, their privacy or their data at risk.



Against a KPI of 15 follow links, the piece received 49 pieces of coverage of which an amazing 33 were follow links. With an average domain rating of 50, the piece managed to secure coverage on relevant, high quality sites including Forbes, Yahoo and Digital Trends.

The key to success in this piece came from the relevance at the time it went out, with a lot of social buzz and hype around smart homes at the time, and the fact that the story broke some previously untrodden ground.

The biggest story covered was around the risks of purchasing a second-hand Amazon Echo, honing in on one of the biggest tools in the market made the piece relatable and gave us a big news hook to utilise. Overall, owning the data uncovered by our hacking team was crucial in increasing shareability of this successful campaign.

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