TotallyMoney Inspires Readers with Genuinely Relevant Data and Earns 20 Links

Totally Money


A credit comparison company, TotallyMoney helps individuals find offers on loans, credit cards, and mortgages.

Key Points

26 pieces of coverage
20 follow links, with an average domain rating of 40
Coverage includes Moneywise, Global Banking and Finance, and PropertyWire


How do you make a content campaign that is relevant to consumers AND entices journalists to cover the story?

Often, content that offers consumers advice or information isn’t deemed newsworthy enough by journalists, and can feel more like sponsored content than an article.

For TotallyMoney, Kaizen created a tool with two filters: ‘explore tool’ and ‘explore stories’. The tool offers value to the consumer, allowing users to identify how much it would cost them to buy a home – beyond the initial payment and mortgage and including features like moving and repair work. The stories, on the other hand, allowed the digital PR team to create newsworthy angles for the press, featuring statistics and a unique data-set.


The piece received 26 pieces of coverage of which a remarkable 20 were follow links, against a KPI of 15 links, and achieving an average domain rating of 40. The story was picked up by major financial publications like Moneywise and Global Banking and Finance.

The primary advantage of this piece is that it specifically targets a common need among relevant consumers. Those buying their first home need more information on the costs actually involved in the process, and the tool brings all associated prices together in one place and calculates them, meeting a real need and taking the effort out of the process.

By providing a valuable service, we were able to access a wide range of media publications who considered it useful for their readers. Value not only in the data but in the practical way it was laid out ensured the piece’s relevance and shareability outside of industry media.

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