Uncovering the NHS COVID-19 App Lands Coverage on the BBC, WIRED & Yahoo



50 SEO-value links for this campaign


Reincubate is an app company that can access and extract data from apps and app platforms using software.

Key Points

93 pieces of coverage


50 follow links, with an average domain rating of 55


Coverage includes the BBC, WIRED, and Yahoo


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our Digital PR team decided to lead with a reactive campaign due to the client’s ability to retrieve data that could present an informative news story. This campaign focused on the NHS COVID-19 app, which uses contract tracing to alert individuals if they’ve been in contact with someone with the virus.


This reactive campaign was successful as it presented expert commentary and insights from the client providing an informative story. The story gained 84 pieces of coverage and 43 follow links surpassing its KPI. The campaign was covered on the BBC, WIRED, Yahoo, and The Newstateman.

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