Recovering from a traffic drop and implementing a scalable technical SEO strategy



Musixmatch is a worldwide music community, where fans can search and share lyrics. Because of the number of songs included, it comprises millions of web pages, available through browsers and through dedicated iOS and Android apps, which can also be used as a native music player, providing lyrics in time with the song being played.

It has over 60 million users, and are one of the top companies for lyrics, but have suffered issues with data scraping and scaling their services across new markets.

Key Points

  • 21% more URLs on the site were index by Google
  • 15% more organic clicks from Google
  • 20% more organic impressions


The client faced a huge, sudden drop in organic traffic, posing an immediate issue which needed rectifying, which was the main reason for approaching Kaizen.

Beyond that, however, the company faced an issue with scaling. The massive size of their site, the way they had designed their international pages, and their existing sitemap structure made it difficult for Google to index a significant proportion of their webpages – lowering the number of organic impressions received by the site.

Kaizen therefore not only needed to find a solution for the most urgent issue of the traffic drop, but also find a long-term implementable strategy for improving the client’s approachability for search engines.


Due to implementing the suggested changes, 21% more of the client’s URLs were indexed by the Googlebot, resulting in 15% more organic clicks and 20% more organic impressions.



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