Kaizen Delivers Npower 24 Pieces Of Media Coverage In 6 Weeks



npower is an energy supplier in the United Kingdom, considered to be one of the “Big Six”, the main electric and gas suppliers across the country.

Key Points

  • 24 pieces of coverage gained in six weeks
  • 20 linking domains
  • Coverage includes a radio interview, and print coverage in a magazine


As part of our work with npower, we follow an ongoing tactical PR strategy supporting their internal teams. This primarily involves Kaizen outreach of their studies and strategic development of the approach to outreach in order to increase opportunities for coverage in the news.


Kaizen’s advantage in securing media coverage and follow links is in an adaptive approach to stories. In all cases, the press releases used were either developed from existing Npower ones or created entirely new by Kaizen. By combining existing journalist contacts with our expert understanding of story placement, Kaizen was able to identify new angles previously unexplored by the client and gain additional coverage.

This tailor-made, constantly improving approach ensures that every opportunity is met with the best possible option – with the results proving that this approach is highly effective.

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