Pioneering SEO Strategy for goHenry’s Growth



goHenry is a FinTech start-up based in the UK. Their service offers a prepaid debit card app to parents and their children, allowing parents to provide pocket money in a quick and convenient manner that they can control through an app.

Key Points

  • 84% increase Year on Year in organic traffic
  • 103% increase Year on Year in goal completions
  • 15% increase Quarter on Quarter in number of pages indexed by Google


The SEO difficulty goHenry had was that their product was new. Although it was innovative, because it was not meeting a clear demand, there were no pre-existing searches for the majority of relevant keywords, making it difficult to optimise their copy effectively. They needed a strategy for organically targeting a developing market on search engines.

This challenge was compounded by a limited set of in-house resources for development – meaning they needed an outside agency to provide support and offer expert advice.


As a result of the strategy suggested by Kaizen, and the structured data implementation, Google has indexed 15% more of the pages on the site.

goHenry have additionally seen an 84% increase in organic traffic year on year, as well as a 103% increase in goal completions over the same time period, indicating successful growth, and propelling their content into wider usage and visibility.

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