Design-led Travel Campaign Gains 43 Pieces of Coverage

Get Going


Part of the Travel Insurance Facilities Plc Group, Get Going provides specialist travel insurance for those with a wide range of medical conditions.

Key Points

43 pieces of coverage

23 follow links, with an average domain rating of 45

Coverage includes Yahoo, Daily Express and Cosmopolitan


During an ongoing travel campaign with Get Going, Kaizen produced a piece on travel bugs around the world, providing information on the illnesses which commonly affect travellers.


The piece received 43 pieces of coverage and 23 follow links, against a KPI of only 7 links, with discussion occurring on Yahoo, and in the Daily Express and Cosmopolitan, among other high-quality publications.

While the piece was data-led and incorporated wide-ranging information on numerous different common ailments for travellers, the design took a creative approach, using colourful “critter-like” visuals to show each of the diseases that might affect those going abroad.

This blend of valuable information (including how each disease is transferred, where it can be found, and the symptoms) with an attractive design style made the relevant data much more accessible both for journalists and for their readers, allowing greater pick-up in public-facing publications outside of more travel or science focused options.


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