Get Going - The World's Most Reliable Airlines

Get Going


Part of the Travel Insurance Facilities Plc Group, Get Going provides specialist travel insurance for those with a wide range of medical conditions.


Key Points

 20 SEO-value links

  Average DA: 39

  31 pieces of media coverage from top-tier publications


Get Going’s brand mission is to offer peace of mind to those with specific medical needs while travelling. With this in mind, Kaizen produced a graphic study on the most reliable airlines worldwide, measuring delays, cancellations, safety, and customer satisfaction.


The piece was highly successful both in travel-specific media and across wider interests, receiving coverage on MSN Travel, Yahoo Finance, Lonely Planet, and the Independent.

Part of why it was so successful is that it fulfilled two of our key criteria for great content: it is data-led and also evergreen (it is not tied to a specific date or event). Its evergreen nature also allowed us to update the data for 2019 and re-outreach the study, creating an opportunity for an even greater backlink profile for the campaign.

In 2019, the updated study earned another 10 backlinks and 15 total pieces of coverage, bringing the total for the Reliable Airlines campaign to 30 follow links and 46 pieces of coverage.

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