Kaizen Conduct 12 Site Migrations for ETX Capital, Drive Organic Traffic Up by 17.5%

ETX Capital


ETX capital are a trading company, well-known for offering Forex Trading, Spread Betting, CFD Trading amongst other services for trading experts.

Key Points

1 week post-migration: all content on the new consolidated domain indexed and ranking.

3 weeks post-migration: organic SEO traffic was up by +8.7% 

8 weeks post-migration: organic SEO traffic was up by +17.5% 


Spanning across 12 markets, ETX Capital had 12 different websites with content in 8 different languages ranking globally in search engines to international audiences. International SEO work had not been previously done, and so the incorrect content was being ranked in the incorrect markets, for example, UK content ranking in South Africa.


Additionally, the 12 websites meant that the back-links pointing to ETX Capital were diluted as they were spread out thin over the different markets instead of pointing to one website and building a strong backlink profile.


Kaizen’s extensive SEO work for ETX resulted in a rise in organic SEO traffic, up 17.5% in just two months (compared to traffic prior to the migration).

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