How a COVID-19 Reactive Campaign Landed Coverage on the BBC, The New York Post & FOX News

Audley Villages


15 SEO-value links for this campaign

Audley Villages is a property builder and manager for luxury retirement villages in the UK.

Key Points

43 pieces of coverage


15 follow links, with an average domain rating of 65


Coverage includes the BBC, The New York Post and FOX News


 Originally a campaign that focused on general activities to promote brain health, due to COVID-19, our Digital PR team had to be reactive and switch the direction of the campaign. As people around the world began to change their behaviours due to quarantine and working from home, the campaign’s focus was changed to the best activities to improve brain health that could be done at home.


The campaign was successfully re-angled to fit the current climate. Our team also collaborated with psychologists to provide insights into how activities can help promote brain health and this was a key factor for the campaign’s success.


Overall it gained 43 pieces of coverage and 15 follow links surpassing its KPI. The campaign was covered on the BBC, The Daily Mail, Metro, The Sun, MSN, and also on US publications such as The New York Post and FOX News.

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