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Onwards and upwards

Site speed isn’t a problem that’s going to go away. As time goes by, the technology improves – AMP and HTTP/2 are just the latest steps on the road to real-time loading. 5G is on the horizon, and customers are only going to become less patient with slow-loading pages.

As a result, it’s increasingly necessary to keep an eye on your site analytics and your customer behaviour. Third party tracking codes, external plugins and the like will slow your pages down whatever you do, but remember the Kissmetric statistics we started with - a successful eCommerce site relies on its site speed at least as much as it relies on its branding and products. A speed improvement of just one second can improve your conversion rate by 27% - and a delay of one second can cost you millions a year.

If you’re going to gain and retain your customers, you need to be using the tips and tricks we’ve provided here (as well as any others you can get your hands on) to optimise your site and squeeze every line of code for more speed.

So make sure you’re on top of bringing your eCommerce business and site into the modern era with the guides we’ve listed here, and keep an eye on how you can keep your speed high and your delays low in the future.

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