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Paid Social Strategy

With a vast range of targeting options and platforms available, you can utilise paid social campaigns at all stages of an integrated digital strategy.

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Paid Social Agency in London

Kaizen can offer paid social media advertising as a standalone service or an integrated digital marketing strategy. The vast choice of platforms, ad formats, and campaign objectives mean paid social can fit into almost any stage of your customer’s journey.

  • Brand Awareness

    Brand Awareness

    With over 78% of the population being active social media users and social platforms now operating as pay-to-play environments, paid social campaigns are crucial for brand-building activity. From high-penetration video campaigns to thumb-stopping feed creatives, brands are built on high-impact campaigns.

  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    Did you think paid social was just for eCommerce brands? We’ve helped companies from automotive to finance to business services grow their business with paid social. Both B2B and B2C businesses can take advantage of laser-targeted audiences, compelling lead generation campaigns, and ROI-driven strategies.

  • Remarketing


    Make your advertising work harder by targeting users who have previously engaged with your site or social media pages with relevant, topical content to get them back in the funnel. Remarketing keeps your brand front of mind to drive a return on your investment.

  • eCommerce


    Paid social presents a massive opportunity for eCommerce brands to reach their target audience. From brand activations to dynamic product creatives to retargeting. With an audience-centric approach and data-driven reporting, Kaizen delivers direct revenue from paid social campaigns.

Paid Social Channel Services

Kaizen stays ahead of the game by exploring new social media channels in our paid social campaigns and with our Influencer Marketing and Digital PR clients. We understand which audiences use which channels and work with our clients to create a strategy that delivers results, not just reach.

  • Facebook Ads

    Still the most popular social media platform for audiences aged 25+, Facebook offers effective solutions for brand awareness and performance-driven campaigns alike.

  • Instagram Ads

    As an image and video-led platform, Instagram uses Facebook’s targeting capabilities to connect over 2 million businesses with potential customers.

  • Pinterest Ads

    Using curated imagery combined with native ad placements and keyword targeting, Pinterest perfectly connects businesses to customers in-market for their products.

  • Linkedin Ads

    The largest B2B advertising platform, Linkedin connects business products & services using laser-targeted audiences based on criteria including job title, seniority & industry.

  • Tiktok Ads

    The fastest growing social media platform right now, TikTok offers immersive ad placements and hashtag challenges and brand takeovers.

  • Snapchat Ads

    The most popular social platform among Gen Z (under 25s), Snapchat offers full-screen video experiences for brands to drive awareness and traffic.

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From start-ups to household names, we only work with brands we believe in.

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Starling Bank
Starling Bank

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