Influencer Marketing

Broaden the visibility of your brand

People are spending more and more time online, so it’s more important than ever to catch your audience in the environments where they’re most active. Enter Influencer Marketing – the social-media-born marketing channel that builds on our natural affiliation for famous and influential people.

Why Influencer Marketing

Brand Amplification

It’s no secret that hero influencers come with huge follower counts, but micro and nano influencers also possess highly engaged audiences you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Social Proof

Influencer Marketing works because it builds upon word-of-mouth marketing. When people see others – in this case, influencers – actively engaging and benefitting from a brand, product or offering, it makes them more open to doing the same.

Non-branded content

Nobody likes being sold to but everyone loves a good story. Being a fan of a celebrity or influencer means you genuinely care what they have to say and the products they recommend.

We have a unique data-led approach to influencer marketing that focuses on partnering with talent who are sure to make an impact. As part of this, we’ve developed our own tool that calculates the true engagement rate of an influencers sponsored social media posts.

You can find out more about influencer marketing and how your brand can benefit here:

Reaching the right audiences with the right influencers

Audience Analysis

To ensure influencers are right for your brand, we carry out a detailed audience analysis to ensure that their audience profile matches your ambitions.

Data-driven Approach

Popularity doesn’t equal influence. We always look to ensure the influencers we recommend for our clients are a genuinely good fit and a smart investment.


Quality influencer content is reliant on a rigorous brief. This means time is taken to understand both brand and influencer tone of voice and core values– to avoid any nasty surprises when the content launches!

Brand Suitability and Relevance

It’s key to review an influencer’s previous brand collaborations to ensure they’ve steered clear of brand competitors and are producing the high-quality content we’re after for the campaign.

Case Studies