Our Approach To Technical SEO

We follow four steps to ensure a maximum of links across a range of high authority publications.

1. Briefing

Technical SEO is essential to making your valuable content accessible to search engine bots and your users. A kick-ass SEO strategy will incorporate excellent technical SEO best practices to ensure optimal site performance.

When evaluating a sites SEO state to inform strategy, we categorise technical activity into two types of action:

  • Technical Audit (Fixes), meaning any problems that the site is experiencing which are holding it back from ranking and performing at the level it should be, such as broken links. These generally come from a technical audit.

  • Technical Advancement, meaning technical activity to improve what is already working in order to accelerate performance and in turn achieve additional growth. For example, schema mark-up.

Each site will have its own requirement of whether to prioritise technical fixes or technical advancement. We believe that both are important to ensure that the technical SEO of a website is well maintained as well as being progressive within the industry. More information below.

2. Technical Audit

We have automated the technical SEO audit process so that we focus our time on prioritising the key technical changes which makes an impact. With an audit, there are many factors to consider, below are only a small fraction of the components evaluated:

  • HTTP & HTTPS Protocol

  • XML Sitemap & Robots.txt

  • Page Load Speed

  • Accessibility

  • Response Code Audit (Redirect Chains, Broken Links and Server Errors)

  • Duplicate Content Issues (Parameters, Pagination, Fragmentation, Subdomains)

  • Internal Linking (Header Navigation, Footer Navigation, Javascript)

  • International SEO (HREFLANG, Localised Content)

  • Schema Markup (Review, Organisational, Blog, etc.)

Each recommendation provided is fully comprehensive regardless of who receives the recommendations for ease of implementation, and elaborates on the benefits for SEO.

3. Technical Advancement

No two websites are built the same and each one has its own requirements based on its industry, product offering, platforms and more. Below are areas in which we have specialty and have the capability to maintain as well as excel in the field of SEO.

  • Website Migration

  • International & Local SEO

  • SEO for Ecommerce

  • Penalty Recovery & Disavow File

  • Firebase Indexation & App Store Optimisation

  • Mobile First & Javascript SEO

4. Recommendations & Implementation

We have the capability to put together the SEO strategy, but also support existing strategies already put in place to better maximise potential output. Our in-house developers are experienced in implementing SEO solutions and are able to implement these changes, or provide the support required to help your developers implement these solutions.