Introduction to Digital PR & Outreach Workshop

The CEO & Founder of Kaizen, Pete Reis-Campbell, will be delivering a full-day workshop on digital PR and Outreach, and he’d love to pass his wisdom on! By combining the very best in traditional PR tactics and scaling them with a content marketing strategy, Pete has built a unique approach to creating digital content and convincing journalists to cover it every day. This is a rare opportunity to learn his unique strategy on how to land links and coverage from websites like Mashable, AOL, Lifehacker, HuffPost and major newspapers.

His company Kaizen, founded five years ago, is the fastest growing content marketing agency in the UK (as awarded by The Drum), and has launched over 600+ campaigns for the purposes of link building and secured over 10,000+ links off top tier sites.


We’ve noticed a real trend in a lack of knowledge of how traditional PR differs from digital PR – and as the world moves increasingly moves online, it’s becoming imperative to understand the difference between offline and online tactics in our industry.

The sessions will include:

Sessions will include:

  • Traditional vs Digital PR

Traditional, Digital, Reactive and Tactical PR all have different goals and different methods of achieving these goals. One of the key lessons from this workshop is how to harness each type of PR effectively for your brand or clients.

  • SEO-Valuable Backlinks

If the correlation between digital PR and SEO seems hazy to you, this is the perfect session to clear things up. Pete will talk through in-depth of why backlinks on top-tier media sites are extremely valuable for a brand in the digital age.

  • PR Tools and Technology

There are a wealth of online tools out there to help you automate the process of digital PR. Pete will talk through eight of the best from his tried-and-tested approach – many of them free to use, and helpful in every stage of the PR process.

  • Brainstorming Content

Pete will outline the key factors of any successful content campaigns, the different type of content you can create and you’ll have a chance to try out our ideation technique to come up with your own take-home ideas.

  • Email Headlines and Templates

Using our own analysis, we have discovered key structures to ensure higher open rates on emails, plus our winning formula for getting journalists to engage with the content.

  • Prospect Lists

The ultimate checklist to run every prospect through before sending them your content, how to find the best-quality prospects and how to automate sending emails to more than one journalist.

  • Press Releases

Learn how to structure the perfect press release, how to adapt it to different niches and the most important things to include to ensure the journalist engages with the content (and gives you a backlink!)

  • The Outreach Aftermath

Not every campaign flies from the get-go. One of the most important sessions in this workshop is going through the different ways you can re-evaluate and re-pitch a campaign to turn it around.


The workshop will be hosted on Friday 15th March at the very centrally located Citypoint building in Moorgate, London, and will run from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM. There will only be a max group size of 8 to ensure the goals can be tailored to what each attendee wants to learn from the sessions.

Find the eventbrite page here, early bird tickets are available for £250+VAT.

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