Kaizen Newsletter – April 2021: What makes financial wellbeing content rank better?

Kaizen Newsletter – April 2021: What makes financial wellbeing content rank better?

As we head into our second quarter of the year, Kaizen is pleased to be welcoming new partners and employees to the Kaizen family. As part of our strategy services, below is April’s installment of our monthly newsletter looking at recent trends in the industry. 


In the news – Your money, your life, your content

Last month we touched upon Google experts commenting on the importance of quality standards when producing content directly related to the principles of expertise/authoritativeness/trustworthiness, or E-A-T. This month we’ve briefly looked at how Your Money Your Life (YMYL) content demands similar levels of care and attention, specifically for content relating to financial wellbeing. 

When people are searching for products and services that require a heightened level of decision-making, their research is both more comprehensive and nuanced. For example, when looking for ‘car finance’ providers, users need information that directly relates to their personal situation, and content must therefore reflect this. What we’ve found is that brands are offering a more diverse selection of content in terms of theme and format and ranking far better as a result. 

We took the average positions of brands in this space across over 5,000 keyword terms relating to car finance and found that sites offering calculators and interactive tools were ranking 25% higher. The increase in content depth is not just having an impact on on-site performance, but also offsite, with backlinks to category pages 4 times higher on car finance pages with calculators than those without. 

Many of our existing partners have benefited from the cross-channel benefits of an interactive tool that we either create or repurpose. Get in touch to understand how your domain can benefit from the long-term benefits of more developed content formats across all channels.   


In the industries – Kaizen influencer report  

Later this month we are also launching our first influencer marketing report which details the level of engagement people can expect when working with influencer partners of different sizes and in different industries. Some of the key findings are as follows: 

  • Based on our own ‘true engagement’ score, we have found that nano influencers (1,000-10,000 followers) have an engagement rate of 4.32%, compared to 2.72% of mega and macro-influencers
  • Travel and fashion have the highest rate of engagement in terms of sectors both scoring over 3%
  • Among the smallest category of nano influencers, food and drink influencers have a true engagement score of 5.04%, the highest across all of the categories we studied

The report offers tips on creative strategy and talent matching in the influencer space, so watch this space for its official launch! Click here for more information on the influencer marketing services we provide. 


Kaizen offers a range of capabilities across Technical SEO and Paid Social – for examples view our case studies here. If you believe there are gaps in your marketing strategy that need refining, we as an agency are always happy to provide insight into the value it can give to your business. 

Jeremy McDonald

Jeremy McDonald is the CEO at Kaizen.


Following 5 years at the agency, Jeremy took the reins as CEO at the end of 2023. A digitally focused marketing leader with in-depth experience across SEO, analytics, digital PR & content, he is passionate about using digital marketing to grow brands online. His main priority is to bring Kaizen’s organic marketing products to a broader client base whilst developing his specialist in-house team of 50+ digital experts.

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Published: 24/05/2021


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