Why a Career in Content is the Key to Your Future

Ever heard the phrase ‘content is dead’?

We have evidence to say otherwise.

According to the “B2B Content Marketing 2019” Report from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 58% of marketers reported spending more on content creation in 2018 than in 2017.

In the last year, we’ve launched over 100 content campaigns for our clients, including research into the most chilled out countries around the world for Lastminute, and finding the cheapest streets in the UK for MoneySupermarket.

We also created an ‘influencer map’ for online fashion retailer Silkfred, which looks at the most hashtagged spots in London, with some of the top pics from that location.


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Content Creation

When we create a campaign like this for a client, we typically follow the same steps in-house each time.


1. Ideation

Team members sit down to brainstorm campaign ideas for the client. If this is a travel client, we would consider angles such as tourism, leisure, adventure, family travel and weather to come up with a unique idea to create a story.


2. Research & Data

Once the idea is confirmed with the client, a member of the Content team will begin the research. This could mean spending the day working out which nations spend the most on travelling, or the hidden cost of buying your first home.

What’s for sure, is that no two days working in the content team are the same!

After gathering all the data, we create a unique data set, often creating a ranking or comparing two statistics to create a news story.


3. Design & Development

The next stage is to create a design brief based on the brand’s vision, and we design the campaign in-house, whether it’s an infographic, interactive tool or something else. Sometimes, we decide to go a little crazy and do a completely design-led project, such as analysing the natural colours of different countries to create unique colourscapes…



4. Digital PR & Outreach

The content team create a press release about the campaign to be sent out by the PR team. Our PR strategy tends to exist entirely online, and for the majority of our campaigns, our targets are based on the number and quality of backlinks we achieve. This means that the content and design are unique and interesting enough that journalists will publish it in their news sites, with a hyperlink to the brand to credit the research.


5. Reporting

A big part of why backlinks are so important to a brand is because they help to improve their rankings on Google – and this is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in. Backlinks help to improve a brand’s organic visibility, which helps to increase their organic traffic.

For this reason, we create relevant content for our client, and aim to land it in relevant publications, to strengthen its authority and relevancy.

For example, our Colourscapes campaign was featured in Lonely Planet, which is a high-quality travel link for a travel client.

The content team and the SEO team are therefore naturally linked, and often members of the content team also help out with other SEO tasks to help improve a brand’s ranking, such as writing copy for their site to include keywords that will improve their rankings.



Content Careers

Whilst traditional journalism jobs may be declining in numbers, the world still needs content.

Here at Kaizen, our content team is steadily growing, and we’re currently looking for a Content Marketing & SEO Assistant to join us.



We’re Hiring: Content Marketing & SEO Assistant

Click the image to find out more about our Content Marketing & SEO Assistant role at Kaizen.



If you’re interested in our content, or would like to learn more about our current roles, email contact@kaizen.co.uk

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