App Store Optimisation

Be present where it matters

ASO and app marketing work requires a completely different approach than any other marketing channel. Our in-house app specialists know how to scrape and process competitor optimisation to inform our own strategy, use the correct tools for maximum data relevancy, and harness the power of paid with organic App activity for an elevated strategy. Each market, app store, and industry functions differently, and we make sure that our app strategy reflects that.

Relevant metrics for each app store


Measuring keyword performance on each app store by tracking chart rankings for your app’s category, as well as brand and non-brand keywords.


Impression data is tracked using Apple App Store Connect app analytics platform or a third party analytics platform which allows for channel segmentation.

Listing Visits

App store listing views and visitor data is tracked using Google Play console or a third party analytics platform which allows for channel segmentation.


Across both stores, installs remain a primary KPI to work towards, ensuring users are converting and optimising each element of the listing for this purpose.


Calculating retention rates and uninstall rates are key to extending the lifetime value of each customer, and increased revenue as a result.


User interaction behaviour is measured differently based on the app store, we’ll ensure sessions, active devices and correct metrics are measured and optimised.

Case Studies